A Loss…….. ARDL 204 to HELLS WIVES 66

……………but we still feel like winners!

On Sat night Hells Wives got to face their biggest challenge yet, we had spiffy new uniforms courtesy of Dominos Pizza and our heads crammed full of game plans, despite this we lost to the might of the clinical and clever Auckland Roller Derby League, however, we feel we came out with some little victories including an epic apex jump by our captain Silence.

The scoreboard certainly didn’t seem to reflect the passion and enthusiasm of our team and sadly we cost ourselves a lot of points by giving away too many penalties, we also let some nerves get the better of us at the beginning of the bout when our game plan slid a little.

We managed to sort ourselves out, dust ourselves off and got our game back on track and gave a little of ARDL’s medicine back to them, but in the end we were outclassed by the amazeballs strategists and disciplined players that are ARDL. Congratulations ARDL – we will meet again in the Nationals and you have given us plenty to ponder and work on.


893393_10151616958866604_1218361653_o (1)New shirts sponsored by Dominos Pizza

1239267_10151616959201604_1078764897_oThe Mighty ARDL!

1268206_10152291684621917_1810768695_oBlondini putting a “block” on ARDL’s Jammer with Psycho chasing

1268020_10151616968806604_1397730393_oS(K)atan blitzing the opposition!

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