2014 Season rolling on…………..

Sadly its been a while since we did the webby stuff……….what with training hard and organising our fundraisers plus the odd game of derby thrown in we have been a little quiet on the interwebby…..so, the story so far……


Photo credit Picture Finish Photography

We travelled to Hamilton for a 3 way battle with Hellminton and Taranaki Roller Corps to kick off  Hells Wives year, a fresh new team and missing some of our stalwart veterans we knew it was going to be a challenge, and it was, two tough games that were close but we were the losing side both times. Our newbies took a hammering but got back up and kept at it, well done!

Next up we played the Mount’s Dangerous Curves – oh boy, what a clash……..The Mt Militia showed us why they are the BEST provincial team (we think) this year, their dedication to training hard and brilliant strategy paid off and they certainly showed us a thing or 2 to take to our next opponent……..Christchurch’s Dead End Derby (DED)

Mt vs HW

We kinda knew we didn’t have what it would take (YET) to win against the best of the South so it took off some of the pressure – we were determined to try out some new strategy, consolidate playing together as a team and most of all have FUN! and boy did we have lots of it, DED what a legend team!!!!


At home again we played Auckland Roller Derby League (ARDL), we thought we might be able to take them, we really did……….ARDL have lost some big personalities over the last year and also suffered injuries, we scented blood in the water, but like all wounded animals they came out fighting and clever with it, a truly amazing team to be reckoned with.

Photo credit Picture Finish Photography

Photo credit Picture Finish Photography

There’s a bit of a pattern forming here but have faith Northland Derby fans, we have been working hard trying to gel as a team and we know we are close to taking our first win of the season, we play Sulphur City on 9th August and we are not taking anything for granted with these Rotorua girls, this game will not be for the faint-hearted, Sulphur City has things to prove, Northland Nightmares need a win………who will be victorious?

After all that wonderful derbyness we travel down to Auckland to play Pirate City Rollers Broadside Brawlers on August 23rd and they return the favour and come North for our final home game of the season on 27th September.

See you on the track!





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