A WIN for Northland’s Hells Wives!!!

On a bitterly cold winters night Rotorua’s Motley Crew from the Sulphur City Steam Rollers league felt the lick of flame from the Northland Nightmares A team – Hells Wives.

Final Score Hells Wives 228 Motley Crew 96.


No-one quite knew what to expect from the little known Motley Crew, we knew they had been training hard despite not much bout time and we knew they are the best dressed roller derby team in NZ at the moment, we found out their training has worked and with a few more bouts under their belts they will be a force to be reckoned with.

The first half started hard and fast, Motley Crew gave it their all and came out fighting tough, at one point in the first half there were only 20 points in it but Hells Wives kept up with their strategy, kept it tight and ground Motley Crew down.

The second half showed that bout experience counts,  but the heart that Motley Crew put into their playing was exceptional, stand out players for them were Razil Dazzle, Princess Die and Brave Heartless but the whole team put so much into it its hard to pick out individuals. Hells Wives put together a strong pack with agile jammers such as Skatan, Tan Ya Hyde and Silence but then brought out double threats Hailstorm and Grenade to smash thru walls as jammers and hit hard as blockers, Glamerzon once again showed off her amazing abilities and got MVP.

Next up is Northland Nightmares Hells Wives vs Pirate City Rollers (Auckland) Broadside Brawlers on 27th Sept. SEE YOU THERE!


Skatan using the line to the max!


The “Best Dressed” roller derby team in NZ! Sulphur City Steam Rollers Motley Crew.


Hailstorm giving Psycho a push to stop the jammer




Hailstorm and Glamerzon workin it.


Motley Crew try to stop the powerful and fast Hailstorm jamming.


Race of the jammers!


Silence beating the pack on the outside.


2014 Hells Wives

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