A roady south – Hells Wives vs ARDL

Saturday 6th of June saw Hells Wives travel south to take ARDL at YMCA Pitt Street! We knew this was going to be a hard fought battle but with changes in team lineups there may be a chance we could take up the challenge.

However it wasn’t to be; as per form ARDL played their usual awesome strategic game, not to mention mixing it up with some great blocking and tight walls, and our jammers struggled to get points on the board; final score Hells Wives 101 ARDL 248.

But as always a fantastic evening with one of the best hosts in Roller Derby! See you in July ARDL for the triple header with Nelson’ Sirens of Smash!

Photo credits: Matthew Darville Hudson

11403430_10205779910592014_429725575920986413_n 11204958_10205779658625715_6443328360137312848_n 10426303_10205779650825520_4426054833945115059_n 1377582_10205779641865296_512369989173279293_n 10388116_10205779635545138_417010150769984951_n ardl nnNext up Hells Wives take on Pirate City Rollers’ Broadside Brawlers!

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