The Northland Nine #2 – Silence

Second up for the Northland Nine treatment is Silence…

Silence (along with Taste of Hell) founded Northland Nightmares way back in 2007. She’s our Head Coach and (currently) our chairperson, and it’s her leadership, dedication, passion and enthusiasm that drives our league!

Silence 36 WEBPhoto: Matt Darville Hudson

Name: Silence
Age: 38
From: Originally from Auckland but now Whangarei
Position: Coach and all position skater
Currently skating on: Riedell Wickeds, PowerDyne Aluminum plates, 88a Wheels

1: Three words to describe you? Honest, Positive and Loyal
2: What’s your ultimate roller derby tune? LOUD Fresh House Music, gets the adrenalin pumping.
3: What inspired your derby name? It used to be Broken Silence, but in my first year of playing I broke numerous bones so I took the Broken away so now its just Silence.
4: What was the most memorable moment in your roller derby career so far? I would say the apex jump against ARDL, but the last 7.5 years have been memorable for me.
5: What are you most afraid of in life? Liars, Wetas and Big Hairy Spiders

silence jammingPhoto: Jason Milich Photography
6: What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? I have received lots of advice from some amazing awesome skaters and I enjoy giving advice and tips to other skaters
7: What’s your life motto? You live and you learn
8: What’s your fitness regime? Running around after 4 children, 3x derby trainings a week and a little bit of boxing training.
9: What’s your roller derby goal for 2015?
To work closely with Switchblade Betty with coaching our amazing girls and helping them to achieve their goals for 2015.

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