The Northland Nine #3 – Venomous

Next up with have Northland Nightmares’ longest serving referee Venomous.

As well as his skills as a Jammer referee and at laying the track, Venomous can be relied upon for his interesting anecdotes and slightly off the wall sense of humour!

Name:Venomous #76
Age: 32
From: Whangarei
Position: Referee
Currently skating on: Riedell R3/ Atom Stingers 88A/ PowerDyne plates
Venomous 76 WEB
Photo by Cinnamon Crane

 1) What inspired your derby name? The first car I purchased was a VN Commodore plus I own a 76 Holden Torana and also from my lip piercings (snakebites) so I threw it all together and came up with Venomous and #76. Lucky my first car wasn’t a Austin Princess!

2) How did you get involved in roller derby? F8-Alli-T suggested I come watch a game at Kensington and at the after party at Heaven one of the Hells Wives told me if I don’t come referee she would come to my house and beat me up.

3) What’s the best part about refereeing derby? Making that right call when all your book reading and training tells you that you’re making a 100% right call.

4) What do you consider as a big challenge for derby refs? Learning to skate and talking loud.

5) How do you keep up to speed on derby rules? Roller Derby Rule of the Day is good on Facebook and the WFTDA rules on a tablet.

6) What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? Don’t be afraid of falling over and look up.

7) How did you learn what you needed to do your role?
Internet helped a lot coming home from training with questions of “why?” And then figuring it all out once I had the referee book – this made it a bit easier.8) Any top tips for those that want to be refs?Read the rules and call heaps at practice to get more confidence.

9) What’s your roller derby goal for 2015? I’m still wanting to do 27 laps in under four minutes and to be more nimble on my skates.

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