The Northland Nine #4 – Tan-Ya Hyde

Tan-Ya Hyde is one of Hells Wives’ longest serving team members and one of our key jammers. Any blocker she comes up against can verify her tenacity as noted per below – yep, this classy lady has some drive!

Tan-Ya Hyde (along with our treasurer Taste of Hell) is the business at procuring funding for the club – which as the derby community knows is so very important and so much appreciated! Ah bless ya Hyde!

Name: Tan-ya Hyde #93
Age: 44
From: Whangarei born, London for 14 years, back to Whangarei
Position: Jammer
Currently skating on: Riedell R3 (5th season and still going strong … held together with love, sweat and tape!), Atom Jukes from my teamie Glamerzon, and I don’t know about plates – def not an equipment guru – I just put them on and skate…

HYDE USE THIS ONE 3Image: Christine Allen

1: Three words to describe you? Ummm…loyal. Tenacious. Classy (“Classiest Bitch Award 2014” – thank you Nightmares!!)

2: What’s your ultimate roller derby tune? Oooh so many to choose from! Couple of my favs have to be AC/DC Thunderstruck; Hinder’s version of Born to Be Wild and All American Nightmare; RATM…. but basically anything with some guts and speed to it 😉

3: What inspired your derby name? A play on my own name and Jekyll/Hyde thing to include the civvy side and derby side… with help from Psycho Sis!!

hYDE jammingImage: Matt Darville Hudson

4: What was the most memorable moment in your roller derby career so far? MVP against Taranaki… Very unexpected and so proud!

5: What are you most afraid of in life? This was a hard one … don’t really dwell on it but I guess disappointing my kids would be pretty up there.

6: What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? Tighten your core … and GET LOW!!!

7: What’s your life motto? Do the same things, expect the same results. Oh, and Manners Cost Nothing 🙂

8: What’s your fitness regime? Off season – not a lot! Exercising my beer arm… swimming… bit of skating occasionally. On season I do try harder: I’ve started running a bit this year (good for the mind apparently); I don’t do the gym as it’s just more time away from my kids so I tend to do some exercises and small weights at home; skate training 2 or 3 times a week… busy family life needs balance.

9: What’s your roller derby goal for 2015? More lead jammer … and more points!!

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