The Northland Nine #6 – Daisy Chainsaw

Up next we have Daisy Chainsaw! Into her second year of playing Daisy’s getting a reputation for her big hits and hunting down that escaping jammer!

And this feisty chick never fails to impress us with her creativity when it comes to costumes and makeup – you can rely on Daisy to bring her A-game to every fancy dress occasion!

Name: Daisy Chainsaw #30
From:  Napier, now Ruakaka
Position: Blocker
Currently skating on: Antiks, Arius plates, Rollerbones Turbos
Daisy Chainsaw #30

Image: Matt Darville Hudson

1: Three words to describe you? Creative, loyal, fun

2: What’s your ultimate roller derby tune? Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat! Gets me through my 27/5.

3: What inspired your derby name? Using scissors in my trade inspired the “chopping down of the opposition.” Don’t be fooled by the pretty flower kinda way ha ha!

4: What was the most memorable moment in your roller derby career so far? Playing my first ever game against my own team was the scariest yet the most exhilarating game ever!

mania blocking

Image: Kelly Albrecht Photographer

5: What are you most afraid of in life?  Spiders!!

6: What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? Silence our coach inspires us at every training to play from the heart! ❤

7: What’s your life motto? In the words of the great Dory: “Just keep swimming”

8: What’s your fitness regime? Three trainings a week, the gym and road running.

9: What’s your roller derby goal for 2015? Improve my game and win some games!

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