The Northland Nine #8 – Blondini

Next up Blondini answers our Northland Nine!

This chilled out chick has been known to do some (reluctant!) jamming but it’s her swoop that’s to die for 😀

Yep many a jammer has made an unplanned exit off the track when she applies her signature move aka the *Supa-dupa-Swoop!

And although she doesn’t jam to often, we’re looking forward to seeing more of her wearing that star panty and clearing a few apexes 🙂

*Official name just made up by the writer of these profiles.

Name: Blondini 101
From: Ruakaka – Been away, came back
Position: Blocker..sometimes Jammer when I’m brave
Currently skating on: Antiks, Revenge Plates, Heartless Voodoo Wheels

Image by Matt Darville Hudson

Image by Matt Darville Hudson

1) Three words to describe me: Creative, Relaxed, and a total creature of habit

2) What inspired my derby name: When I started it was pretty much mandatory to have dark locks for that ‘derby look’. I was a rare blonde at the time. My number 101 comes from the Ash Blonde hair 10-1.

3) Most memorable moment in derby career so far: Jumped the apex once when jamming. Landed it, kept skating totally oblivious to the fact the other jammer had called it off while I was mid air. Realised half way round the track, then fell over myself in true Blondini style.

4) Most afraid of: Not too keen on caterpillars – they freaky! Except the dance move that’s just pure talent.

dini b and w WEB

Image by Kristy Barker

5) Best derby advice: Given to me: Definitely to ‘root’. To give: Just try it, call it or ask it. Don’t be afraid of being ‘wrong’.

6) Life motto: No regrets. There was a reason you did/didn’t do it.

7) Fitness regime: 2 trainings a week. I try to run for ½ hour on the other days or at least do some squats, sit ups etc in my lounge.

8) Derby goal: I hope to be able to inspire someone to come and try Derby.

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