The Northand Nine #9 – Demolitia

It’s the 9th Northland Nine and this time our girl from the deep south Demolitia gets to answer!

Blocker Demolitia brings experience and knowledge to the team and is a vital part of the Hells Wives pack – when you’re on the track with this awesome chick you know she’s got your back!

Name: Demolitia #12
From: Dunedin originally, but been in Whangarei for 6 years
Position: Blocker
Currently skating: On ancient R3s…still dreaming for the day I can afford some new skates!

Image by Matt Darville Hudson
1) Three words to describe you: Loyal, dependable and a bit clumsy!

2) Ultimate roller derby tune: Tool and Six60 are my faves but before a game it has to be Pit Bull – Fireball!

3) What inspired your derby name: Demolition and smashing stuff up!!

4) Most memorable moment in derby: Playing at Nationals in 2013 was a pretty epic experience but I love playing every game with my team.

demo blocking

Image by Kelly Albrecht

5) Most afraid of in life: Never seeing the world. And cockroaches!

6) Best derby advice you have ever received: To be confident! (still working on it!)

7) Life motto: Don’t give up on your dreams!

8) Fitness regime: Derby training 3 times a week, and I’ve just joined Pumping Iron gym so a couple of times there a week.

9) Roller derby goal for 2015: Feel useful on the track and a few more wins!!

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