The Northland Nine #10 – Holler Balloo

Next up is our Head Referee Holler Balloo!

This feisty lady keeps us all in line on game day and is also our wonderful Web Mistress and dedicated Secretary 🙂

Holler can always be counted on to think outside the box (as well as sending players to the box). Check out our fantastic website and see how creative this lady can be.

*Many thanks to Taste of Hell for this blurb!

Name: Holler Balloo
Age: 45
From: Auckland, now living in Mangapai south of Whangarei
Position: Head or Inside Pack Referee
Currently skating on: Sure Grip Rebels / Atom Jukes / Powerdyne Rivals

Image by Christine Allen

Image by Christine Allen

1) What inspired your derby name? It’s a play on the word “hullabaloo” which means a noisy uproar. Plus the Holler bit refers to me when I’m ref’ing and the Balloo bit is how most people mispronounce my surname 🙂

2) How did you get involved in roller derby? The classic derby cliche – I watched Whip It.

3) What’s the best part about refereeing derby? Game day – the buzz and excitement, putting your skates on, getting dressed in your stripes and doing your job on the track with your fellow refs.

4) What do you consider as a big challenge for derby refs? The intricacies and the constant evolution of the rules!

Image by Matt Darville Hudson

Image by Matt Darville Hudson

5) How do you keep up to speed on derby rules?  I belong to several Roller Derby ref Facebook groups and to Zebra Huddle which is a really helpful forum for refs. I also have the WFTDA app on my phone, which automatically updates when there are additions or changes.

6) What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? Never judge your abilities compared to others; only compare how far you have come against yourself.

7) How did you learn what you needed to do your role? By observing other refs, listening to advice from experienced refs, watching games online and attending WFTDA officiating clinics but most of all, ref’ing actual games and scrimmage nights.

8) Any top tips for those that want to be refs? Study the rules, attend practices, watch other refs at games and get plenty of time on skates.

9) What’s your roller derby goal for 2015? To keep improving my Head Ref skills – and stop buying so many roller derby t-shirts :-/

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