Northland Nine #14 – Smash Princess

Northland Nine time again and today it’s the newest member of Hells Wives, Smash Princess! Smash has taken to derby like a duck to water and she is certainly more smash than princess on the track!

We look forward to seeing this chick develop her derby skills and there’s no doubt she’ll be sockin’ it to the opposition for many seasons to come.

Name: Smash Princess #47
From: Christchurch originally, now calling Whangarei home
Position: Blocker
Currently skating on: Sure Grip GT50’s

Photo provided

Photo provided

1) Three words that describe you: Loyal, Persistent, Hardworking

2) Ultimate Roller Derby tune: Ben Harper – Lay there and Hate Me

3) What inspired your derby name: Shortened down from Ashleigh, I have been called Smash since a young age and have some pretty decent injuries under my belt.

4) Most memorable moment in derby: First game. We came away with a win and I learned a lot from being thrown in the deep end.

Image by Kelly Albrecht

Image by Kelly Albrecht

5) Most afraid of in life: Ignorance and spiders.

6) Best derby advice that you have ever received: “Your butt is your greatest asset. Own it!”

7) Life Motto: My Dad always used to tell me “Hard work pays off” and “Give it your best shot”

8) Fitness Regime: Derby training 2/3 times a week, couple weight sessions and keeping my puppy exercised.

9) Roller derby goal for 2015: Better timing and increased effectiveness of my bigger hits

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