Double Win in Hamilton

Northland Nightmares league headed down to Hamilton on 13th May to face Hellmilton Rollers Ghouls for their first games of the 2017 season

First to take to the track was our junior team, Hell Razors, taking on Hamilton’s Monstars. The game was closely fought from start to finish with some brilliant defence work shown by both sides. Final whistle saw Hell Razors piping the Monstars to the post 213 – 189


Hell Razors skate out


Hell Razors & Monstars

Next up the seniors took to the track, Hells Wives vs Raggedy Angst. This was an action packed game with some big hits and great defensive work by both sides. Hells Wives kept the pressure on right up to the final whistle, which saw them with a comfortable lead over Raggedy Angst giving them the win 246 – 149


Hells Wives and Raggedy Angst

Thank you Hellmilton Roller Ghouls for hosting us, we look forward to meeting you on the track in future.

Next up is the first home game of the 2017 season – Hells Wives vs Whakatane Roller Derby League on 17th June. See our facebook page or Eventfinder for more details.

Photo credit: Devolution Photography

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