1st Roadie of 2017



Hells Wives vs Pirate City Rollers’ Broadside Brawlers!



Next up: First Roadie of 2016!

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First game of 2016! Hells Wives vs River City Rollers

We kick off our 2016 season by playing Wanganui’s River City Rollers for the very first time! And let’s not forget our Northland Nightmares Junior Roller Derby who’ll be playing in an action packed curtain opener along with guest junior skaters from all over NZ!

Tickets at the door (cash only )or on Eventfinda.

Be there and get some derby in ya life!

Hells Wives vs RCR

Bring on 2016!

It’s a whole new year of roller derby and the Nightmares are super excited to have two away games booked already and one home game in the pipeline! We’re back training, and we’ve changed the times on Thursdays so we can bring back public skating.

Times for 2016 are as follows:

Public Skating – 6 – 7pm  $5 plus $1 to hire skates and gear. Cash only.

Freshie aka “Stars” Training (for those wanting to learn how to play roller derby) – 7 – 7.45pm

Junior Training – 7.45 – 8.30pm

If you’re keen to skate or want to give roller derby a try, come along. Look forward to seeing you there


21st of November – last game of 2015!

Check out our Facebook event or Eventfinder for more details…


Hells Wives take a home win against Hellmilton Roller Ghouls’ Raggedy Angst

A quick catch up from September when Hellmilton Rholler Ghouls’ Raggedy Angst come to town to play us for the first time in three years! It was great to see one of our traditional foes and we hope to see them down in Hamilton in 2016!

Hells Wives opened the first jam with some crafty recycling by Silence to take out Raggedy Angst’s jammer on the start line, and for the rest of the first half our girls in black and red played some solid defence with effective three-walls and front of pack offense, racking up an impressive lead.

Second half saw Raggedy Angst come back with a vengeance and they managed to come within 20 points towards the end of the second half, but couldn’t breach Hells Wives’ lead; final score 146 -113!

Next up is the last game of the 2015 season – Hells Wives vs Richter City Roller Derby’s Convicts. See our Facebook event or Eventfinder or more details.

Photo credit: Devolution Photography

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Northland Nine #14 – Smash Princess

Northland Nine time again and today it’s the newest member of Hells Wives, Smash Princess! Smash has taken to derby like a duck to water and she is certainly more smash than princess on the track!

We look forward to seeing this chick develop her derby skills and there’s no doubt she’ll be sockin’ it to the opposition for many seasons to come.

Name: Smash Princess #47
From: Christchurch originally, now calling Whangarei home
Position: Blocker
Currently skating on: Sure Grip GT50’s

Photo provided

Photo provided

1) Three words that describe you: Loyal, Persistent, Hardworking

2) Ultimate Roller Derby tune: Ben Harper – Lay there and Hate Me

3) What inspired your derby name: Shortened down from Ashleigh, I have been called Smash since a young age and have some pretty decent injuries under my belt.

4) Most memorable moment in derby: First game. We came away with a win and I learned a lot from being thrown in the deep end.

Image by Kelly Albrecht

Image by Kelly Albrecht

5) Most afraid of in life: Ignorance and spiders.

6) Best derby advice that you have ever received: “Your butt is your greatest asset. Own it!”

7) Life Motto: My Dad always used to tell me “Hard work pays off” and “Give it your best shot”

8) Fitness Regime: Derby training 2/3 times a week, couple weight sessions and keeping my puppy exercised.

9) Roller derby goal for 2015: Better timing and increased effectiveness of my bigger hits

Northland Nine #13 – Glam-er-zon

Today’s 13th Northland Nine stars our resident glamour gal Glam-er-zon! Glam brings the hammer to the track with her infamously bootacious blocking and some sassy derby chick style to her off track career in modelling!

Hells Wives are missing this young lady on the track as she recovers from knee surgery, but she’s been putting her derby smarts and bold personality to excellent use as an MC for our games this year. We sure are looking forward to seeing Glam back on eight wheels really soon!

Name: Glam-er-zon #10
Age: 25
From: Whangarei
Position: Pivot , Blocker and occasional Jammer
Currently skating on: Riedell 265s with the Rival plates

Image by Christine Allen

Image by Christine Allen

1: Three words to describe you? Passionate, always a fun time and loyal.

2: What’s your ultimate roller Derby tune? Oh there are so many but it would have to be that famous Glamerzon song Blurred Lines  – but pretty much anything I can get the Glammer Hammer shaking to.

3: What inspired your derby name? So many things…outside of derby I am heavily involved with the modeling world so I bring a bit of Glam to the track.

4: What was the most memorable moment in your roller derby career so far? Sigh…there have been so many but I think it would be every time I skate onto that track and see my team mates having your back.

Image by NZ Photobomber

Image by NZ Photobomber

5: What are you most afraid of in life? Disappointing people.

6: What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? Never give up! It’s hard, it hurts, sometimes you are pushed way out of that comfort zone but it will make you a stronger version of you.

7: What’s your life motto? When life gives you lemons, grab the tequila and salt and dance it out with me.

8: What’s your fitness regime? Other than training I hit the gym 4-5 times a week and am currently training for a power-lifting competition. #shesquatspretty

9: What’s your roller derby goal for 2015/16? Get back into bouting after having 6 months of due to knee surgery! Watch out I have a plan to bring the Glammer Hammer back with force!

The Northland Nine #10 – Holler Balloo

Next up is our Head Referee Holler Balloo!

This feisty lady keeps us all in line on game day and is also our wonderful Web Mistress and dedicated Secretary 🙂

Holler can always be counted on to think outside the box (as well as sending players to the box). Check out our fantastic website and see how creative this lady can be.

*Many thanks to Taste of Hell for this blurb!

Name: Holler Balloo
Age: 45
From: Auckland, now living in Mangapai south of Whangarei
Position: Head or Inside Pack Referee
Currently skating on: Sure Grip Rebels / Atom Jukes / Powerdyne Rivals

Image by Christine Allen

Image by Christine Allen

1) What inspired your derby name? It’s a play on the word “hullabaloo” which means a noisy uproar. Plus the Holler bit refers to me when I’m ref’ing and the Balloo bit is how most people mispronounce my surname 🙂

2) How did you get involved in roller derby? The classic derby cliche – I watched Whip It.

3) What’s the best part about refereeing derby? Game day – the buzz and excitement, putting your skates on, getting dressed in your stripes and doing your job on the track with your fellow refs.

4) What do you consider as a big challenge for derby refs? The intricacies and the constant evolution of the rules!

Image by Matt Darville Hudson

Image by Matt Darville Hudson

5) How do you keep up to speed on derby rules?  I belong to several Roller Derby ref Facebook groups and to Zebra Huddle which is a really helpful forum for refs. I also have the WFTDA app on my phone, which automatically updates when there are additions or changes.

6) What is the best roller derby advice you have ever received? Never judge your abilities compared to others; only compare how far you have come against yourself.

7) How did you learn what you needed to do your role? By observing other refs, listening to advice from experienced refs, watching games online and attending WFTDA officiating clinics but most of all, ref’ing actual games and scrimmage nights.

8) Any top tips for those that want to be refs? Study the rules, attend practices, watch other refs at games and get plenty of time on skates.

9) What’s your roller derby goal for 2015? To keep improving my Head Ref skills – and stop buying so many roller derby t-shirts :-/