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Season 2013 begins!

Saturday 4th of May kicked off Northland Nightmares Roller Girlz 2013 season and it was an action-packed evening all the way!

First up Northland Nightmares Derby Bratz held a demo game, with Team Yellow taking the game over Team Purple 97 points to 53. The Bratz had an awesome bout and they certainly showed some pretty damn fine derby skills out there!

920120_10151373493001604_1900796835_o 465040_10151373530301604_1657372685_o

Then May Mayhem ruled as the advanced players took the track. By half time Team Blood had a substantial lead, but Team Bruise pulled it back in the second half, and after a nail-biting final jam the final score as 162-160!

It was a hard fought, exhausting game with both teams playing with three blockers which opened up the game and made it a lot faster and easier for the jammers to break through…maybe Roller Derby needs to consider this as an option in future…?

A great opening bout and as always we couldn’t have done it without our amazing refs, NSO’s, volunteers, fans, friends and family – you are the bomb!


b 459981_10151376963571604_2036498852_o467051_10151376990451604_441345297_o 316077_10151377010296604_1636570797_n   919720_10151376989886604_8920220_o  577439_10151376981271604_1859874671_n 468326_10151377003576604_174525067_oNext up it’s Hells Wives vs Mount Militia Derby Crew’s Dangerous Curves on the 29th of June! We can’t wait to play together as a team again – let’s hope it’s a repeat of last time we met Dangerous Curves and took out the win!

What’s been hap-pen-ing?

What’s been happening since the last post?

Well, Hells Wives hit the highway to Hellmilton and played Raggedy Angst, score 102-166 to Raggedy Angst….


Then Hells Wives hosted Hibiscus Coast Rollers’ Bella Mafia in what was Bella Mafia’s very first bout! Score, 362-16 to Hells Wives!


And our next bout, our intra-league final between Diva Destruction and Deathrow Dolls, well, it had to be cancelled (booo-hooo!) but the rematch is set for sometime in 2013!

What’s up next? Our final event of the season and it’s going to be AMAZING!


It’s called getting even…

Talk about hard out.

One busted fibula and one sprained ankle later, it’s one game each to Deathrow Dolls and Diva Destruction…

15th of September, ASB Kensington Stadium.

It’s the Final Countdown!

Nightmares head North for Bout #2!

Deathrow 150, Diva 146…

What a tight game our first intra-league bout turned out to be!

Now for a trip to Kerikeri for Round Two – DING! Can the Divas make it 1-1?

The Battle of the Double D’s begins….

Recap! Hells Wives vs Dangerous Curves…

Saturday morning bright (well, some of us were…) and early it was off to Tauranga for our first bout of the year in three super fast minivans. With Pyscho Sis and Skatanic Mechanic leading the way in our much needed luggage truck it was a long four and a half hour haul south to our destination with several pit stops along the way.

8th Deadly Sin especially made an impression at McDonald’s at Drury BP Motorway Service Centre and of course who could forget the Mad Cow van at Matamata.

You just had to be there…

Once settled in our motel (we can highly recommend Fountain Court Motel, just not when 50 derby lovers are staying there all at once, we might disturb your sleep a little) it was off to Queen Elizabeth II Stadium to catch the curtain opener of Mt Militia’s Violent Fems vs Wanganui’s River City Rollers.

Then it was time for the Hells Wives to take the floor and take on Dangerous Curves. They had beaten Hells Wives 63-178 last year, but this year? It was gonna be different. There were impenetrable walls, there were tactics and skills and everything that our Head Coach Axl Slash-r had been drumming into us at practice was put IN to practice. Our jammers got through again and again and the more our Hells Wives Barmy Army shouted and chanted and yelled the more the score started to ramp up and up until the final score: an amazing, first ever, incredibly well fought win to Hells Wives, 140-81!!!

Celebrations went well into the night, with some karaoke, leg wrestling and much general derby mutual appreciation between teams, then Sunday, after lots of coffee and bearing up under hangovers, it was time to hit the road again for the journey back to Whangarei.

A huge thanks you to our hosts MMDC, refs, NSO’s and support staff and of course our completely awesome Hells Wives Barmy Army who were a lot bigger and just as mighty as last time!

Next up? It’s the first home game of the season; an exhibition bout at ASB Stadium in Kensington on the 19th of May! See ya there!

One wicked night in Kerikeri…

The Nightmares headed north on Saturday to Kerikeri’s Bay Sports Stadium for our Halloween Havoc bout – the last home game of the season – owww, this year has gone soooo quick!

First up our Derby Bratz teams Children of the Corn and Satan’s Minions played their very first game and what an awesome game it was!  The game went to Satan’s Minions 125-84 – so great to see the enthusiasm and passion our Bratz have for derby 🙂

Our Derby Bratz logos – thanks to our fab designer Blondini!

Next our four fantastic freshies got to pop their Derby cherries when Voodoo Vixens took on Trick or Beat’rs! It was a tough game with lots of spills on and off the track and some really gutsy jamming and blocking from the newbies – final score 121-100 to the Voodoo Vixens!

Thanks to all at Bay Sports Stadium, the refs, NSO’s, our MC “Queen” Taste of Hell, the ladies on the door and to our supporters who travelled from near and far to watch us – let’s hope we’ve gained some new derby fans in Kerikeri!

Voodoo Vixens, Trick or Beat’rs and Z Squad celebrate our last home game of the season!

Awesome game Diva Destruction! Congratulations for taking out Bout 2 of First Blood against Deathrow Dolls on Saturday night!

This makes it one win each to our interleague teams so the third and final bout on the 24th of September is gonna be an EPIC battle!

Thanks to all our fans, friends and family for coming along to Kensington Stadium and as always huge thanks to our refs Z Squad, the NSO’s, our sponsors and all those who helped to make it happen 🙂

First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011Diva DestructionDeathrow DollsZ SquadFirst Blood Bout #2 August 2011
First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011
First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011
First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011First Blood Bout #2 August 2011first-blood-2-death-row-dolls-vs-diva-destructionfirst-blood-2-death-row-dolls-vs-diva-destruction

First Blood? Oh yeah, there was real first blood on the floor (courtesy of Tan-ya-Hyde) at Kensington Stadium on Saturday night! Hope that front tooth heals real quick Hyde 🙂

The knocks and spills and falls and bumps and bashes kept comin’ and both teams fought soooooo hard but when it came down to the final whistle Death Row Dolls took out the win over Diva Destruction 117 – 121!

Awesome work Dolls…no doubt those Divas are setting their sights on you for the next bout!

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