Team Talk


Hell’s Wives – Northland Nightmares’ original team formed in 2010!  These roller girls sure know how to kick some derby ass and are our official “travelling” team, representing the Northland Nightmares at home and away when we play other NZ derby leagues.







Night Furyz – Northland Nightmares brand new B team formed in 2018. They have had a great start winning the Fresh ‘N’ Furious tournament at end of 2018. They are looking forward to building on the great start they have made







Northland Nightmares Junior Roller Derby  – our Juniors aka Hell Razors are the first junior team in the whole of New Zealand and we are super proud of them! Our juniors start at age 9 and go through to the age of 18 and are Co-ed. They train on a Thursday night from 6pm and play game openers before our main games at ASB Stadium Kensington.  Check out their Facebook page here….

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